On building an integrated QuantLib/Lua platform on the world's most popular computer.

Friday, June 14, 2013

QuantLua now approved for the iTunes App store.

QuantLua has been approved for the app store and is scheduled to appear shortly.

The app is available here

QuantLua is the most comprehensive financial application available for the iPhone. It has these main features: 

-A programmable historical stock simulator for select US stocks 

-The most comprehensive finance calculator available, incorporating the QuantLib quantitative finance library and the programming language Lua. 

-Excellent graphics library for building your own plots. It includes line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts. 

The historical stock market simulator is for select US stocks. It enables you to build a portfolio and see how the strategy would have performed over time. It is also fully programmable, enabling the analysis of dynamic strategies. 

Also included is a historical stock and currency data feed. This imports stock data from Yahoo Finance and currency data from OANDA directly into the Lua programming engine. 

All this is powered by Lua, an intuitive and complete programming language well suited to financial analysis.

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